United States Patent and Trademark Office, Patent Assignment 53162/788:
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Chen, Supin
Paperwork Executed July 8, 2020

Diaz-botia, Camilo A.
Paperwork Executed July 8, 2020

Seo, Dongjin
Paperwork Executed July 7, 2020

Tolosa, Vanessa M.
Paperwork Executed July 6, 2020


July 9, 2020

Neuralink Corporation

Neuralink Corporation

Neuralink Corporation
3180 18th Street
Suite 200
San Francisco, CA 94110


Sandwich Assembly Scheme For Thin Film Electrode Array And Integrated Circuits On Both Sides Of Printed Circuit Board (pcb) And Method Of Manufacture

USX0Patent Application No. 16924495, Filed July 9, 2020

USA1Application Publication No. 20210008364, Issued January 14, 2021

Sylvia E. Tittel
Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton, LLP
1100 Peachtree Street
Suite 2800
Atlanta, GA 30309

Updated January 14, 2021

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