United States Patent and Trademark Office, Patent Assignment 4596/273:
Assignor Hereby Confirms The Granting Of A License To Assignee In Said Patent Applications. License Agreement Dated June 30, 1983. (see Record For Details).

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International Mobile Machines Corporation
Paperwork Executed August 6, 1986


September 2, 1986

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M/a-com Government Systems, Inc.


Modem For Rf Subscriber Telephone System

USX0Patent Application No. 06713923, Filed March 20, 1985

USB1Utility Patent No. 4644561, Issued February 17, 1987

Subscriber Rf Telephone System For Providing Multiple Speech And/or Data Signals Simultaneously Over Either A Single Or A Plurality Of Rf Channels

USX0Patent Application No. 06713925, Filed March 20, 1985

USB1Utility Patent No. 4675863, Issued June 23, 1987

Frequency Synthesizer For Broadcast Telephone System Having Multiple Assignable Frequency Channels

USX0Patent Application No. 06840908, Filed March 18, 1986

USB1Utility Patent No. 4785260, Issued November 15, 1988

Edward W. Callan

Updated November 16, 2009

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