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October 26, 2012

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Apparatus Having Signal Processors For Providing Respective Signals To Master Processor To Notify That Newly Written Data Can Be Obtained From One Or More Memories

USX0Patent Application No. 08675304, Filed July 1, 1996

USB1Utility Patent No. 5771394, Issued June 23, 1998

Servo System Controlled By Master And Second Processors Through Memory Being Accessed For Read And Write By Processors In Separate Portions Respectively

USX0Patent Application No. 08673317, Filed June 28, 1996

USB1Utility Patent No. 5630165, Issued May 13, 1997

Servo Loop Control Apparatus Having Master Processor To Control The Apparatus And Second Processor Dedicated To Specific Preprogrammed Servo Loop Control Tasks

USX0Patent Application No. 08842323, Filed April 24, 1997

USB1Utility Patent No. 5771393, Issued June 23, 1998

System And Method For Processor Bus Use

USX0Patent Application No. 07588194, Filed September 26, 1990

USB1Utility Patent No. 5247621, Issued September 21, 1993

Wireless Communications Privacy Method And System

USX0Patent Application No. 08226717, Filed April 12, 1994

USB1Utility Patent No. 5592555, Issued January 7, 1997

Clock Generator Capable Of Shut-down Mode And Clock Generation Method

USX0Patent Application No. 08201077, Filed February 24, 1994

USB1Utility Patent No. 5502689, Issued March 26, 1996

Single Chip Telephone Answering Machine, Telephone, Speakerphone, And Adsi Controller

USX0Patent Application No. 08185697, Filed January 24, 1994

USB1Utility Patent No. 5483577, Issued January 9, 1996

Interrupt Mask Disable Circuit And Method

USX0Patent Application No. 08346834, Filed November 30, 1994

USB1Utility Patent No. 5530597, Issued June 25, 1996

Keypad Monitor With Keypad Activity-based Activation

USX0Patent Application No. 07589090, Filed September 27, 1990

USB1Utility Patent No. 5235635, Issued August 10, 1993

Variable Thermal Sensor

USX0Patent Application No. 08172038, Filed December 22, 1993

USB1Utility Patent No. 5422832, Issued June 6, 1995

Microprocessor Configured To Detect A Group Of Instructions And To Perform A Specific Function Upon Detection

USX0Patent Application No. 08605869, Filed February 23, 1996

USB1Utility Patent No. 5829031, Issued October 27, 1998

Berkeley Law & Technology Group, LLP

Updated October 29, 2012

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