Bernanke, Ben Shalom

Bernanke, Ben Shalom
United StatesUnited States


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Space Date Filed Venue Sort Ascending Case Number Title Party Type Space
9/18/2008 Supreme Court of the United States 08-6353 Robert Smith, Petitioner v. Ben Bernanke Respondent

2/22/2001 District Of Columbia District Court 1:01-cv-00400 ARTIS v. GREENSPAN Defendant

2/6/2004 Hawaii District Court 1:04-cv-00089-DAE-LEK Haili, et al v. Greenspan, et al Defendant

9/8/2006 District Of Columbia District Court 1:06-cv-01569-RCL PRICE v. BERNANKE Defendant

12/6/2006 District Of Columbia District Court 1:06-cv-02082-EGS CHANDLER v. BERNANKE Defendant

3/19/2007 District Of Columbia District Court 1:07-cv-00525-UNA RIVERA v. U. S. SECRETARY OF DEFENSE et al Defendant

7/25/2007 Illinois Northern District Court 1:07-cv-04192 Riches v. Bush et al Defendant

9/18/2008 New York Northern District Court 1:08-cv-00991 Schulz v. United States Federal Reserve System et al Defendant

8/20/2008 District Of Columbia District Court 1:08-cv-01448-RWR HALE v. PAULSON et al Defendant

10/24/2008 New Jersey District Court 1:08-cv-05245 BUMGARNER v. UNITED STATES Defendant

1/27/2010 New York Eastern District Court 1:10-cv-00434 Redford et al v. Chicago Title Insurance et al Defendant

3/9/2011 District Of Columbia District Court 1:11-cv-00506 NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF MORTGAGE BROKERS v. BOARD OF GOVERNO... Defendant

8/19/2011 Colorado District Court 1:11-cv-02172 Perales v. United States Internal Revenue Service Respondent

6/21/2012 District Of Columbia District Court 1:12-cv-01032 STATE NATIONAL BANK OF BIG SPRING et al v. GEITHNER et al Defendant

3/21/2016 New York Southern District Court 1:16-cv-02183 Chateau v. American Government et al Defendant

3/9/2006 Pennsylvania Eastern District Court 2:06-cv-01055 RICHES v. BUSH et al Defendant

6/20/2011 Washington Western District Court 2:11-cv-01031-RAJ Mathis v. Barack and Michelle Obama et al Defendant

10/24/2011 Washington Western District Court 2:11-cv-01773 Ellingwood v. Bank of the West Defendant

5/24/2012 California Central District Court 2:12-mc-00254 Teresa Stephens v. United States et al Respondent

11/20/2007 California Northern District Court 3:07-cv-05874-MJJ Riches v. Bernanke et al Defendant

4/28/2010 North Carolina Western District Court 3:10-cv-00200 Allran v. New York Federal Reserve Bank Defendant

12/23/2010 Texas Northern District Court 3:10-cv-02621 Perales v. U. S. Internal Revenue Service et al Defendant

9/13/2011 Alaska District Court 3:11-cv-00182 Perales v. Obama et al Defendant

9/13/2011 Alaska District Court 3:11-cv-00182 Perales v. Obama et al Defendant

8/16/2011 Oregon District Court 3:11-cv-00989 Haney v. Blumenauer et al Defendant

9/29/2011 Oregon District Court 3:11-cv-01178 Kelly v. Abel et al Defendant

4/5/2012 South Carolina District Court 3:12-cv-00957-JFA Perales v. Microsoft Corporation et al Defendant

10/12/2010 South Dakota District Court 4:10-cv-04149 TCF National Bank v. Bernanke et al Defendant

1/14/2014 Oklahoma Northern District Court 4:14-cv-00022 Everbank v. Blair et al Third Party Defendant

6/3/2016 Texas Southern District Court 4:16-cv-01567 Haase v. Bank of America Corporation et al Defendant

3/19/2012 Florida Middle District Court 6:12-cv-00422 Seegolam v. Deutsche Bank Defendant

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Photograph: United States Federal Reserve Board of Governors

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