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Court Cases

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10/27/2021 New York Eastern District Court 1:21-cv-05976-MKB-RER Ngian v. Facebook, Inc. et al

5/3/2021 New York Southern District Court 1:21-cv-03933-ALC VDARE Foundation, Inc. v. Facebook, Inc. Social Media

4/17/2020 New Jersey District Court 2:20-cv-04457-ES-CLW WU v. GSX TECHEDU INC. et al Short Selling

10/18/2019 Florida Southern District Court 9:19-cv-81419-RKA Federal Trade Commission v. Devumi, LLC et al

9/3/2019 New Jersey District Court 1:19-mj-02059-JS USA v. SARPONG Romance Scams

3/1/2019 California Northern District Court 3:19-cv-01167 Facebook, Inc. et al v. 9 Xiu Network Science and Technology...

8/15/2018 California Northern District Court 3:18-cv-04978-JD DZ Reserve v. Facebook, Inc.

1/6/2018 County Court in and for Brevard County, Florida 05-2018-CF-010519-AXXX-XX State of Florida v. Omar Qazi

7/19/2012 Superior Court of California, County of Los Ange... SBA2SY05356-01 State of California v. Omar Qazi

11/18/2011 Massachusetts District Court 1:11-cv-12000-RBC Greenspan v. Random House, Inc. et al Aaron SorkinConsumer ReviewsDefamation By OmissionFake Non-Fiction BooksFalse AdvertisingThe Social Network (2010 Movie)

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Space File Type Type Sort Ascending Description Date Size Other Tags Space
Document Public Records Request Response - State Facebook Ohio Attorney General Complaints 7/29/2019 266.16 KB

Document Equity Research Fake Bloomberg Journalist "Maisy Kinsley" LinkedIn Profile 3/27/2019 3.19 MB

Document Equity Research Fake Bloomberg Journalist "Maisy Kinsley" Twitter Account 3/27/2019 1.41 MB

Document Government Document - State Letter to California State Senator Scott Wiener Regarding Oversi... 11/10/2019 19.72 MB CAEATFATax

Document Equity Research Reality Check: Facebook, Inc. 1/24/2019 7.7 MB

Document Equity Research Reality Check: Facebook, Inc. Q4 2018 Update 2/19/2019 3.03 MB

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People, Companies and Organizations

Space Flag Sort Ascending Name Symbol Web Site Phone Other Tags Space
United States Facebook, Inc. FB http://www.facebook.com +1 650 543 4800 Big Tech RegulationBubble 2.0Cambridge Analytica Privacy Scandal (2018)Facebook Shell CompaniesFacebook, Inc. and SubsidiariesHuman TraffickingIn The NewsJanuary 6, 2021 United States Capitol Terrorist AttackPrivacy ConcernsSilicon ValleySocial MediaTrademark Bully

United States No Logo Qazi, Omar Individuals Who Have Threatened PlainSiteTesla Corruption

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