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3/8/2019 Superior Court of California, County of Alameda HS19010259 Think Computer Foundation v. Free Law Project Public Domain

5/31/2017 Massachusetts District Court 1:17-mc-91181 In RE: Application for PACER Exemption for Grand Valley Stat...

11/22/2016 Florida Southern District Court 0:16-cv-62769-RNS Theodore D'Apuzzo, P.A. v. United States Public Domain

4/21/2016 District Of Columbia District Court 1:16-cv-00745-PLF NATIONAL VETERANS LEGAL SERVICES PROGRAM v. United States Public Domain

12/29/2015 Washington Western District Court 3:15-cv-05944-BHS Fisher v. Duff et al Public Domain

12/28/2015 United States Court of Federal Claims 1:15-cv-01575-TCW FISHER v. USA Public Domain

6/23/2014 New York Eastern District Court 1:14-cv-03912-ENV-LB Eng v. et al Public DomainRight to Be Forgotten

5/23/2014 California Northern District Court 5:14-cv-02396-JTM Think Computer Foundation et al v. Administrative Office of ... Aaron SwartzCorporate Self-RepresentationElectronic Access to Government DataPro SePublic Domain

3/6/2014 Washington Western Bankruptcy Court 14-00101 Unknown Case Title Public Domain

8/29/2013 Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit 12-16373 Application for Exemption V. Public Domain

6/13/2012 Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit 12-16373 In re: Application for Exemption Public Domain

5/16/2012 New Jersey District Court 1:12-mc-00113-JBS REQUEST FOR EXEMPTION FROM PACER FEES Public Domain

5/1/2012 California Northern District Court 3:12-mc-80113-JW v. In re Application for Exemption form Electronic Public Ac... Public Domain

1/8/2008 Rhode Island District Court 1:08-mc-00005-ML PACER Exemption

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People, Companies and Organizations

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United States Administrative Office of the United States Court...

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Laws & Regulations

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Legal information is not readily available.
Pieter Gunst, October 16, 2011 at 5:17 PM DT
Finding solutions to legal questions takes longer than it should.
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Require All Federal and State Laws, Bills and Executive Orders To Be Provided Publicly in a Standard Digital Format
Aaron Greenspan, October 10, 2011 at 2:57 AM DT
Making PlainSite would be a lot easier if we didn't have to parse 50+ different file formats for different jurisdictions.
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