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7/16/2021 Delaware Court of Chancery 2021-0617-JRS Employees' Retirement System of Rhode Island, et. al. v. Mar... Cambridge Analytica Privacy Scandal (2018)

9/30/2019 Superior Court of California, County of Alameda RG19037134 Foster v. Inc Privacy Concerns

8/15/2019 Suffolk County Superior Court 1984CV02597 Attorney General's Office v. Facebook Inc Cambridge Analytica Privacy Scandal (2018)

12/19/2018 District of Columbia Superior Court 2018 CA 008715 B District of Columbia v. Facebook, Inc. Big Tech RegulationCambridge Analytica Privacy Scandal (2018)

8/17/2010 California Northern District Court 3:10-md-02184-CRB In re: Google Inc. Street View Electronic Communications Lit...

3/21/2006 California Northern District Court 3:06-cv-02079-MHP United States of America v. Jumpstart Technologies, LLC

2/26/1973 Supreme Court of the United States 70-18 Jane Roe v. Henry Wade AbortionLandmark Supreme Court Cases

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People, Companies and Organizations

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United States Hayden, Michael V. Edward SnowdenPrivacy Concerns

United States Snowden, Edward Edward SnowdenPrivacy ConcernsWhistleblower

United States United States National Security Agency Edward SnowdenGovernment SurveillanceNational Security AgencyPrivacy Concerns

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Medical Professionals Frequently Restrict Patient Data, Even To Patients Themselves
Aaron Greenspan, October 10, 2011 at 1:47 AM EDT
I was once waiting on crucial test results, and a nurse refused to tell them to me over the phone even though they were my results. She insisted that HIPAA prohibited her from disclosing them over the phone, and that I would have to come to the hospi...
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